Zwielicht_04_385_mail“Z-wie-Licht” | 2½D
The ambiguous moment of twilight is like a transition and appears as an interval between day and night.
The scenes optically confuse us. Three-dimensionality gets perceived as planarity.
kimberit’s architectural couture collection “Z-wie-Licht” | 2½D reflects and interprets this transition from 3D into 2D, from light into shadow and from reality into surrealism by playing the determining factors back.
An intermezzo of flatness and volume is prevailing in this mystical atmosphere.
Colours like black, off-white and grey tones combined with plissé and artful cuts will let the light and its reflection create an uncommon and also a slightly confusing appearance.
Another important aspect is the choice of sustainable materials only, like bamboo, hemp, soy, non-violent silk, cotton paper, microfibers made from recyclable material and organic cotton.
kimberit is showing a modern image for “eco clothes”.
Within this project kimberit is collaborating with the architecture and footwear designer Bryan, who, based on the “Z-wie-Licht” | 2½D concept, designed his debut high heel shoe collection “Heavy Metal Series”.
The hats for this collection were designed by Monika Esser.